My Library Account

Accessing your account
You can access your library account 24 hours a day by visiting the and selecting the "Log into My Account" icon. Within your account you can:

  • manage items you have checked out
  • place holds for materials
  • check out ebooks & audiobooks through the digital catalog
  • pay fines
  • create personal lists of books (i.e. book group reads, books for kids)

Account FAQ's
Here are some possible answers to questions we are commonly asked. If you do not find your solution here, please call the library or drop in at your convenience.

What is my username and password?
Unless you have changed it (Account Preferences -> Personal Information), your is your library card bar code and your password should be whatever you requested at the time you received your library card. Can't remember? Using your last name in all capital letters is one common option, as is the use of the last 4 or 5 digits of your library card number.

I am logged in, but it won't let me renew or place holds?

  • Your fines have exceeded the $10 threshold. You will need to pay your fines before you will be able to manage your account.
  • The items you have selected may not be eligible for renewal or for holds. For renewals, this can happen when there are other people waiting for the title. Some new or reference items are not able to be placed on hold.
  • Your account may be expired. This happens every two years so we can be sure to keep our database information up do date. Please call the library (978-263-4680) or visit soon so we can update your account.